Our Clients

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Just wanted you all to know that we really love the new calendars. We are currently sending them out to the field designers and we’re eager to hear their feedback. This was a really nice change from our desk version and I think they will be a smash hit. Nice working with you on this project again and we appreciate all your efforts to make a great product for us.

Thanks so much!!

Jennifer Baur
CEO & President
Houston Shutters

Initial impression is ‘awesome’. I have sent Carly & Lindsey some suggested minor changes for their consideration and inclusion with their comments. We will get back to you with our feedback Monday morning. GREAT job. I knew we had a good start but am blown away with this next generation. Plus the layout will provide for our next product with a major redesign.

Thank you very much.

David Haught
Esco Products, Inc.

Your advice and detailed approach are true hallmarks of your business and relationship. Thank you for your partnership.

Mike Driskill
Director of Rooms
The Houstonian Hotel

Thank you GayleAnn Gourwitz, Les Gourwitz and Smith & Jones for your friendship and ongoing support for Art and me!! Your thoughtfulness on this big day is so appreciated. You are the best!

Nicole Scarbrough
Membership Director
Sugar Creek Country Club

I’m trying to wrap-up here at the office so I can go prepare for San Diego tomorrow

Did not want to leave without sending you this quick note to THANK YOU sincerely for doing such a great job with our new catalog…it’s wonderful!!!

We gave you no time at all and added all kinds of obstacles……and you still made it happen!

Again, many, many thanks!!!!

Ed Nasta

Estoy muy bien gracias.

We just received the menus earlier today, thank you soooo much!!

I will have Renae look at the samples and get back with you to when she would like to meet. I want to take a moment to thank you so much for your excellent and professional service for us.

Marynela Lopez
Inventory Manager
The Spa at the Houstonian